The Winston Square Chandelier has Arrived!

We’re so pleased to announce that the public art installation in Winston Square has finally arrived!

Designed by Adrian Gollner and Joanna Swim, The Winston Chandelier depicts imagery from the Westboro neighbourhood in an unofficial coat-of-arms. Inspired by the natural environment and local institutions, the chandelier is filled with hidden symbolism and images.


Visit Winston Square and see how many symbols you can spot hidden within the chandelier!

“W”: For Winston & Westboro

Squirrel: Westboro’s Neighbour, nemesis and gargoyle

Endangered Spotted Turtle: A species local to Ottawa who makes his home in the banks of the Ottawa River, just north of the site.

Smallmouth Bass: An established resident of the Ottawa River

Curls: A symbol of the wind and the waters of the Ottawa River

White Pine: The primary resource of the logging industry in the Ottawa Valley

Orion’s Belt star constellation: Symbolizes strength and endurance and can be seen to the west

Mountain Ash: A food source for overwintering birds, and whose red colour was inspiration for the colour of this piece

The crow and the nest: Symbol industriousness, ingenuity and community

Queen’s crown and poppy: A symbol to honour the Royal Canadian Legion and its members

Star: To act as a reminder of our celestial aspiration


Installing the Chimney

Installing the chimney

The Crane Moving the Branch Into Place:
Site view