Winston Square

Nestled between the Royal Canadian Legion and the Dairy Queen is an urban community space to sit outside, or to take in various events that Westboro has to offer – Winston Square. Read about the opening of Winston Square here.

Westboro Village BIA is booking activities and events for this urban space that will draw the community and beyond into the heart of Westboro.

We are excited to see this space come to life with various types of events that can be booked!

Send us your event information via form below, and we will review. You will be notified if the booking is confirmed.

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    0 of 150 max characters


    How do you want your event listed (title) in our calendar.


    Please describe your event in detail. This will facilitate the booking process quicker.

    This event is fully open to the public, or it is an exclusive event (ie. someone must register to take part)

    Please only select one date, if you wish to have a re-occuring event, please contact the Westboro Village BIA office.

    Please select the time you would like to hold your event.

    We appreciate your interest in holding an event at Winston Square and will contact you to confirm, via the email you inputted. Winston Square is a public space, and requires permits should you wish to have alcohol served at your event by the city. No smoking is allowed. All events must account and make way for a 1.8 m through-way access path from Richmond to Winston Avenue. Winston Square is a public space and is not liable to any damages, etc that occur during any event. The event booker is responsible for insuring the area is cleared pre- and post-event.

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