Westboro Villager July 2019

Changes coming to the Gateway of Westboro Village

Summer is officially here and we are excited to have our main street and sidewalks come to life. If you come via bike, there are plenty of bike bollards and racks located on every block. Stop and savour something cool and refreshing and sit outside at Winston Square. Stroll through Westboro Village and check out our new installation of photographer Michelle Valberg’s local nature photography covering every traffic box between Golden Avenue and Island Park Drive (Featured in the June issue Kitchissippi Times). Observe the many murals Westboro Village, both new and old.

Churchill Mural on Churchill Avenue
Whether you are new to Westboro or have lived here for decades, you will have seen the Churchill mural on Churchill Avenue. It is located on a retaining wall at the corner of Richmond Road and Churchill Avenue (at Danforth Avenue). For over 20 years it has acted as the gateway into Westboro Village.

The Churchill mural was one of the first to be installed in the city of Ottawa. The Westboro BIA Executive Director at the time, Christine Leadman, led the project with Councillor Shawn Little who pushed for the City’s approval. Mural Artist Shaun McInnis was commissioned to paint the mural, which led to several other murals he painted in Westboro over the decade. He has been residing in Nova Scotia, and has virtually advised and supported the BIA and city in the
upkeep of the mural. The mural is over 20 years old and the surface it sits on has been damaged through graffiti removal and erosion from time and weather, and it has extended beyond touch-ups and repair.

We have requested the city to keep the mural in place until a solution is found for a new mural and the
residents have been consulted. Westboro Village BIA has informed the Westboro Community Association board of a plan to reach out to the community for feedback and for residents to participate in a consultation survey. This is part of the process: a solicitation to all community members who want to have their say in the future mural artwork at Churchill. We ask that you please subscribe to the Westboro Village newsletter at westborovillage.com. By subscribing, you will receive updates on our process and direct access to a survey specifically about the mural. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! And most importantly we want to ensure that this gateway into Westboro Village represents those who live here and work here every day. Again, please subscribe to the Westboro Village newsletter.


Pack a Perfect Picnic in Westboro Village

Westboro Village is full of yummy destinations to grab handy snacks for outdoor grazing. Catch a sunset at Westboro Beach, Maplelawn, Dovercourt or Clare Gardens park with a comfy blanket while you enjoy a peaceful meal with family, friends or even solo with a good book with your lazy gourmet grub.

Mamie Clafoutis (400 Richmond Rd.) always has fresh baked artisan breads and buttery pastries ready to go. Try gourmet sandwiches like brie and pear, or a chef salad to go. Mamie’s “handy” smoked meat ficelles are perfect picnic partners, as are their rustic olive focaccias with holes you can use to pick up, or simply tear it apart for sharing. Don’t forget to try one their delicious blueberry, cherry or apricot clafoutis, it’s their specialty! Get more than one; you might not want to share!

The Piggy Market (400 Winston Ave.) really delivers when it comes to lazy gourmet picnic items. New to their line-up: Scotch Eggs! These are a perfect hand-held, three-bite snack. Breaded and deep-fried to golden perfection with a soft-to-medium-boiled-yolk consistency, try to eat just one, we dare you. If you haven’t tried one their prepared rustic sandwiches to go, such as their house roast beef with caramelized onions, pulled pork with blue cheese or warm, fresh Jamaican patties, now is your chance!

Check out the Westboro Farmers’ Market at Byron and Golden for loads of picnic necessities. Marketing Coordinator Melanie Anderson recommends a fresh sourdough baguette from Pure Bread Ottawa. It’s “arguably one of the best in town,” she says. Meander down the path and pick up fresh tomatoes and greens from the numerous produce vendors for salad fare. Then swing by La Bergerie des Sables for sheep’s cheese, JolyJam Farm for sliced ham, and Habit Food co. for dips. Pick up wine from Chadsey Cairns or kombucha from Carlington Booch. Try 5 Cupcakes for gluten-free sweets, and White Paws to treat your furry friends. End the tour with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Linda’s Garden and you are all set for a great picnic!


Rooftop Patio Dreamin’

As a local favourite, Churchill’s patio oasis (356 Richmond Rd.), offers a variety of liquid libations to satisfy all. A healthy selection of rotating local craft brews, and crowd-pleasing white and red wines allows you to be picky or choosy. Try one of their innovative, fresh cocktails with pre-smoked glasses (yes they infuse real smoke into their rocks
glasses!) or a mouth-puckering ice-cold margarita to wet your whistle on a hot day. A refreshing new edition to the menu: red or white Sangria! You have a great excuse to check out Churchill’s new patio furniture and décor, not that
you needed one. Owner Brenda boasts: “The patio is really pretty at night with its sparkly lights!” Take a vacation during the afternoon or evening to chill on their roof—you might just feel renewed. Sweet dreams are made of this!

Walk past the pretty pink walls and luxurious colourful section of delectable macarons (arguably the best in the city), ascend the stairs, and you’ll find yourself in Quelque Chose’s cozy patio (379 Richmond Rd.) The haven offers a quiet little sanctuary to enjoy your afternoon tea, or cappuccino to sip slowly with soft serve ice cream. What’s so special about their soft serve? Toppings such as Salted Caramel or decadent Brownie Macarons sprinkles will hit it out of the park. Go ahead, sink your teeth into these divine treats while tackling that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Need a healthy patio pick-me-up to recharge your batteries? Try Pure Kitchen’s heavenly rooftop patio (357 Richmond Rd.). It has a lovely view of its neighbouring church courtyard. Take a long, deep, conscious breath while sauntering up the stairs to their quaint patio. This is the perfect patio to go if you have non-alcoholic drinkers onboard. There are plenty of options to choose from when you’re perusing Pure’s raw juice and smoothie bar. Kombucha anyone? You’ll feel healthier just by walking through their doors with their warm, inviting, zen hospitality.