Westboro Village is home to a brand-new yoga studio, backed by a powerful message!


The Yoga Collective Westboro: No pressure, judgements or expectations. Everyone is welcome. It is your practice, breathe through it and listen to your body.

The newly opened, the Yoga Collective Westboro is setting out to revolutionize your yoga practice! Ottawa’s very first donation-only yoga studio model offers no set prices, contracts, commitments, or terms – just a welcoming space that makes it easy to incorporate Yoga into your day.

Tucked inside Greco Westboro, the Yoga Collective Westboro offers bright and welcoming spaces, plus all the amenities you could expect from a fitness club, including showers and change rooms, towels, water, and even a smoothie or complimentary cup of Equator coffee to start your day off right! Just bring yourself, and they take care of the rest.

YCW founder Marc Laham was inspired by his practice at renowned California yoga studio Power Yoga. Here’s Marc’s story:

“Yoga Collective Westboro is a donation only model that makes yoga accessible to everyone. The inspiration for YCW came directly from my own practice with yogi Bryan Kest at Power Yoga in Santa Monica, California, who – to the best of my knowledge – was the first or one of the first to operate a yoga studio on a donation only basis.

I experienced this model for two years as one of Bryan’s students and was inspired by the complete surrender involved. For someone to put a donation box at the door without watching it, without any expectations or judgements was inspiring and admirable. His sense of trust and faith that people would respond while completely letting go was impressive. And respond they did. The lineups were long and the classes were full. The energy was up lifting and the appreciation was reciprocated.

Bryan’s inspiration for adopting a donation only model came from his meditation course with Goenka Vipassana & now others in the U.S. like Yoga To The People have also adopted donation only model yoga studios. YCW’s vision is to continue this inspiration, bringing it to Ottawa and to Canada with the same sense of faith, trust and complete surrender while embracing the same supportive interaction to empower the practitioner that I experienced.”

Here’s a sneak peek at what the studio has to offer:






















From now until April 30, attend a YCW and receive a complimentary 10-day pass to Greco Westboro! For details visit @YCWestboro on Facebook.



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