Spring has Sprung: Happy Easter & Passover!

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or Passover, we can all agree that this weekend holds extra special significance for us here in the capital. In Ottawa, both signal the beginning of spring after a long (LONG) cold (COLD) winter. Unlike that indecisive Groundhog, the Easter bunny is a way more welcome and consistent sign that spring is on its way—and he always shows up with chocolate.

Regardless of how you’ll be spending your long weekend, we can appreciate that any opportunity for us to come together as family, celebrate the beginning of warm weather, and stuff ourselves full of chocolate, is good! Check out some of Westboro Village’s best holiday offerings below, and stock up for a stellar long-weekend with the ones you love.

Meals, Beverages, Decor, and of course, Chocolate.

Farm Boy (1)Farm Boy

Entertaining a crowd? Farm Boy has everything you’ll need under one roof to entertain in style with their quality selections of fresh produce; meats butchered in-house; and their own superior brand of everything from salad dressing to cold-pressed fruit juices. Add some flair to your charcuterie board with Farm Boy’s wide selection of pickled vegetables. Or if you’re desperate to steer clear of foil-covered Easter eggs, change things up this year with their premium double roasted chocolate almonds.


The Piggy Market

Piggy Market

For some, this weekend wouldn’t be the same without ham and hot-cross buns. Leave it to The Piggy Market to have us covered on both counts. Hot cross buns have been an Easter tradition for generations, and now is the time to by The Piggy Market to try theirs. Like everything else they sell, these buns are baked with their usual attention to detail. Made fresh everyday using Chef Dave Neil’s unique spice-blend, and candied orange peel (made in house!). Not to be missed!


10 000 Villages
10000 Villages10 000 Villages is a home décor store unlike any other. If you aren’t familiar with what they do, 10 000 Villages sources all of their merchandise fair-trade from communities throughout the developing world, to support local artisans and provide a fair and stable income. This “Hopping Bunnies Paper Garland” (pictured right) for example is made by rural Bangladeshi women.  Or the hand-crocheted chick, bunny and egg set for example, by Mai Handicrafts, an organization founded by social workers concerned about the plight of street children in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The chocolate is Fair Trade also, which does nothing to the calorie content, but will arguably serve to make you feel less guilty overall, right?


Chez François
Chez Francois

Chez François promises fine chocolate, rare spices and seasonings (truffle oil anyone?) that will put an impressive culinary touch on any home cooked meal. This gem also offers a beautiful spot to sit and sip your café-au-lait while you nibble your tarte tatin surrounded by the sights and smells of traditional French cuisine. A home-chef? If you’re planning an extra special meal family meal this weekend, and you need some inspiration, step in to this charming little piece of Provence. Inside you will find everything you need to take your kitchen creations to the next level.


David’s Tea
DavidsTeaIf you’re not already in on the secret, tea and chocolate make an irresistible pairing. Together they add a whole new dimension to the experience. This year, David’s Tea has a chocolate and tea pairing box with favourite teas like Carrot Cupcake, Cream of Earl Grey and Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait – coupled with four mouth-watering milk chocolate-covered caramels infused with Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait loose leaf tea. If you’re looking for a gift, keep your eyes open for their bunny mugs (they change colour when you add hot water!)


Cococo (4)

Chocolaterie Bernard Callebault

If you want to take your whole chocolate game to the next level this holiday weekend, then you need to add a trip to Chocolaterie Bernard Callebault to your list. These prize-winning, Canadian-made gourmet chocolates are the perfect way to show the special people in your life that you care. Share the bounty of a beautiful milk or dark chocolate bunnies and mini eggs, or try their big egg shell filled with a selection of 12, 20 or 35 individual chocolates!