Something New is Coming

You may have noticed the retirement of the Churchill Mural near Churchill and Byron the week of August 10th.  This was the next step in updating the gateway mural in Westboro Village. In June of 2019, we announced the plan to begin a new decade with a new look in consultation with our community partners, Westboro Beach Community Association and Westboro Community Association. Surveys were completed with the community to see what images everyone would like to see.  In October 2019, a call for submissions was released and the new mural artist was selected by a group including representatives from our community associations.

Clean surface – ready for the new mural

This week Style over Status will begin bringing colour and impact to the space. Based on the surveys we heard many times over, the desire for the new mural is to reflect the history of Westboro and the area we are in. The new mural will reflect Westboro’s surroundings, nature, history and evolution. Westboro Village is excited for the new addition to our neighborhood and we hope you enjoy watching the process of the mural come to life.