Family-friendly things to do in Westboro Village during March Break

There are many families in Ottawa who aren’t jetting away to a warm weather destination or sending the kids to March Break camps for the week. That’s ok! Staycations are easy on the wallet and low-stress. Plus, there is plenty to do in Westboro Village.

Here are some ideas for things to do over the March Break in Westboro Village:

Pick a destination and explore the neighbourhood

How’s the tobogganing at Dovercourt? What’s under the snow at Maplelawn right now? How many birds can we spot here? (Hint: look for Black-capped Chickadees right now!) There’s nothing better than a long walk around the neighbourhood to tire out the kids.

Photo: Mamie Clafoutis by Andrea Tomkins

Before you go, fuel up!

There are plenty of great places to grab a hot drink and a snack in Westboro but we’re feeling spring in the form of maple-based pastries at Mamie Clafoutis right now, like this maple cake in a can:

We love their kid-friendly vibe too!

We’re also big fans of the Cupcake Lounge. Normally, we like to time the day of our visit with our favourite cupcake flavor:

Families can also decorate their own cupcakes over March Break. The “Decorate your cupcake and eat it too!” event is a casual affair and there’s no official instruction or lesson. The package includes one un-iced cupcake, fondant, cookie cutters, sprinkles, and a medium drink for $15 per person. This is taking place at the Westboro location only!  Book over the phone (613-862-0926) or email Since this isn’t an official decorating class, the schedule is flexible. Parents and caregivers can book a time slot anytime between noon and 6 p.m. Just make sure you give them at least a day’s notice.

Level up that inevitable trip for groceries

Trips to the grocery store can be kind of humdrum but when the kids come along, we like to play something we call Operation Pick Something New. You can do this with fruit, vegetables, or even cheese.

Enter Farm Boy! Let the child make the choice and then prepare something together later. What’s a pomelo? How do we cook this prickly artichoke? Do purple carrots taste different than regular carrots? These are burning questions and someone must solve them:

It’s a food adventure! And who knows? Maybe it’ll lead to new (and delicious) experiments in the kitchen.

Pro tip: Walking home? Grab a kombucha or coffee from Farm Boy or Bridgehead next door.

How about a cooking class, for the kids?

Speaking of food adventures, we’re big fans of the Real Canadian Superstore Cooking School. There are classes available for children, teens, and adults and it’s a great way to learn valuable kitchen skills in a fun environment. There’s a family class coming up on March 17 called “Campfire dinners” which features a menu of roasted red pepper dip, skillet meatloaf, creamy mashed potatoes, and campfire s’mores. (Yum!) Find a full listing of cooking classes on the RCSS website.

Mrs. TiggyWinkle’s Photo by Andrea Tomkins

Make time for a puzzle or science project

There’s a big sale happening at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s on art and science kits, and the timing couldn’t be better. These kits are perfect for the mini builders and makers among us. They contain everything needed to complete a product, they give kids something to focus on for awhile, and there’s a good payoff at the end. You can also choose a project the whole family can work on together. Whatever you decide, there is something for kids of all ages here, even grown-up kids.

There are so many family-friendly things to do in Westboro, and this short list only scratches the surface. March Break is also a good time for mother and son haircuts, daddy and daughter pedicures, or a late breakfast at Baker Street. Whatever you decide, have a great March Break!

Westboro Village Feature by Andrea Tomkins