Explore the Frozen Treat Trail

Long summer days are still here but seem to be slipping away. There is still time to grab your favourite iced treat in Westboro Village.

Starting in our west end of the village is the La Diperie. La Diperie was born from a growing desire to offer a product that is original, high quality, attractive to the eye and delicious. They have a wide selection of ice cream and dipping options to meet your favourite flavour combination.

Summer treats from La Diperie

Moving east is the perennial favourite, Dairy Queen. This “hot eats/ cool treats” institution is the perfect place to visit on a hot summer’s day. Treat yourself to a Blizzard and physically distance visit in the neighbouring Winston Square.

Moving on is the luxurious choices at Quelque Chose. There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than a delicious cold treat. Quelque Chose is offering ice cream macaron sandwiches, and signature milkshakes and sundaes topped with macarons and amazing flavours. If you’re a lover of macarons and ice cream, these treats will basically complete your life.

Just east of Churchill is The Cupcake Lounge, and they have a wide variety of summer treats. From ice cream cakes, and ice cream sandwiches to Paletas – Mexican Style Ice Pops, there is something for every members of the family.

If you are a lover of gelato, then Pietro’s Corner is next. Handmade by Gianna on site, there is a wide selection of gelato available daily all summer. Gelato is traditional Italian iced dessert that is lighter than traditional ice cream as it uses less cream, and more milk.

While it may not be ice cream it is one of the iconic treats of summer, the Circle K Froster. Icy cold, fabulously flavoured, a dangerously a

Vegan Ice Cream sandwich from Strawberry Blonde Bakery

ddictive refreshment. Froster flavour selection varies by store, come by and see which Froster flavours are at our locally owned Circle K franchise.

Ever since Bite This got started in 2008 this little food spot has become a staple in Westboro serving hungry eaters from near and far. All summer long they serve Kawartha Ice Cream. With a freezer full of flavours you are sure to find your favourite.

Strawberry Blonde has the perfect iced vegan treat for summer. Their vegan, gluten-free, nut free, Kosher house made ice cream is now available in pints or as soft serve. It is also available as an ice cream sandwich in their cookies. Be sure to check with them for their current flavour line up.

The final stop on our tour of frozen treats is at the far east end of Westboro Village at Juice Dudez. Made fresh to order they have a great selection of cool blended drinks, including smoothies and fruit slush. Add in extras to match your personal taste!

Join us in Westboro Village this summer for your perfect summer iced treat.