Fuse Street Festival is on Saturday August 18 – Sunday August 19


Street Closure: Richmond Road will be closed from Golden Avenue to McRae Avenue – inclusive for the two days. Street closure will occur Saturday August 18 at 6:00 AM to Sunday August 19 at 8:00 PM.

Event Brief: This will be updated over the course of weeks leading up to the event, but you may want to share this with your networks. View/download the FUSE -Event Brief-web

Event Manager: The BIA has hired WhiskeyJack Media (Jake Naylor) as the event manager to help run the logistics, permits, bookings, set up and take down of the event. Jake’s email contact (more on permits further down the page)

Fuse Brand Graphics: A new brand was developed for this year’s Fuse Street Festival by Xactly Design (located in Westboro). You can download a zip folder of the graphics you can use on your website, store signs, social media or more! This year, there is a French version of the logo, as we are marketing to Gatineau residents and Francophones.  Download the FUSE 2018 LOGOS & IMAGES

Fuse Marketing and Communications Plan: Marketing and communications has already began with our Fuse page set up and our Facebook event – Please share the event with your social networks!  View the Fuse Marketing Communications PDF which includes the media.


This entire event is organized by and for the Members of the BIA! It’s a time to showcase your community spirit, your business, and your unique-ness. Here is a MEMBERS- Fuse Participant and Sponsorship Package 2018 document to review. Note: External food trucks or vendors are not part of the event program; Sponsors, Community Partners, Members, and Entertainment only. Please contact Michelle to participate!


Each establishment with an existing licence must apply to the AGCO to temporarily extend their existing licensed area. I have attached a copy of the AGCO application PDF.
Along with the application, the establishment needs a Letter of Non-Objection from the municipality. Event Central can provide this letter. To do so, they need the completed application form and a drawing showing the location and dimensions of the extension (zoomed in enough that they can see that the patio only extends to limit of parking lane).

SEND YOUR COMPLETED PATIO EXTENSION APPLICATION TO THE BIA – The BIA will compile and file with Event Central for unified letter of non-objection

The BIA compiles a list of all of the applicants and their applications (with drawings) and submits them to Event Central as one package and they will provide one letter

    • The letter is addressed to the BIA and lists all of the licensees
    • The BIA would then provide the letter to the licensees to include with their applications to AGCO
    • This keeps everything organized and your permit will be processed much quicker.

Please contact Jake Naylor, event manager with your completed application, and/or for assistance in the map/drawings of the patio.